Travelling Mug


The idea behind "The Travelling Mug" is to recognize and share the strength and inspiration behind the many great women in our community. 

The mug and brochure shown on the left will be passed along women in our community. Once the mug is given to someone they have three days to enjoy it, then they must follow the instructions and pass it on to another strong, inspiring individual within the community. Much like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movie, this mug unites women within the community. 

As the mug is passed around, holders of the mug must post on social media using #WomenWithMomentum2019. 

What Does it Mean to Get the Mug?

Someone thinks you are a strong, inspirational, outstanding woman! Congratulations! This is a great opportunity to share the mug and join the momentum behind this event. 

How Does this Relate to the Event?

Women with Momentum is all about celebrating the women within our community. This mug is a way for women to recognize each other and spread awareness of the event. 

What to Do with the Mug?

The Traveling Mug.png